Why dogs are good for the soul

Dog Happy

Animals make us happy. They are faithful companions and have a positive effect on body and soul. With the following 7 arguments you can convince every critic to buy a four-legged friend:

1. Dogs have a calming effect

Pet owners have a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure, both at rest and in stressful situations, compared to people who do not have pets. Heart attack patients living with dogs recover faster. Dogs have a calming effect on hyperactive or aggressive children in particular.

2. Dogs love their owners unconditionally

They do not judge people for appearances, for them, the man himself is important. In turn, people appreciate the doglike loyalty, empathy and truthfulness. Fearful, cautious or reserved people are encouraged by dogs to break out of their introversion. They notice that the dog accepts, perceives and respects them.

3. Master of body language

Dogs communicate non-verbally, they react directly to emotions and the body language of humans. Children who grow up with animals usually interpret body language better than “animalless” children. The direct way of communication makes it easier for people to reach out to others and promotes empathy.

4. Animals do not criticize

A dog relaxes, motivates, but does not criticize. Children with reading difficulties usually have to read out inhibitions aloud. Children who read to a dog lose their fears, as dogs listen relaxed and do not correct them. This reduces stress, strengthens the self-confidence and intensifies the reading pleasure of the children.

5. Animals change our behaviour

Dogs demand fulfilment of their basic needs and continuous attention. They ask people to deal with things other than themselves (or the smartphone ). They lure their bipeds from mental isolation and ensure that people regularly leave the house.

6. Dogs love body contact

The soothing and relaxing effect of direct body contact between man and dog by stroking or cuddling is a helpful antidote to stress. While the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases, the cuddle hormone oxytocin is increasingly released. Stress reduces, blood pressure and heart rate decrease, even the immune system benefits from the increased formation of immune cells. Caressing a dog strengthens one’s own and external perception and can thus contribute to an improved body sensation.

7. Dogs promote social contacts

Dog owners are smiled more often and involved in conversations that people who are travelling without a dog. The informal nature of a dog makes it easier to get in touch and provides a conversation piece in a relaxed atmosphere.

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