What Is The Connection Between Your Gut & Your Heart?

Scientists over the years have invested a lot of money in order to understand how a microbe works, the microorganisms that are present in our intestine and colon. There is a lot of evidence that shows that if these microbes are not balanced than it directly impacts our health.

Most of the microbes are present in the intestine but some of them are there in the mouth as well. Our large intestine has around 6kg of bacteria cells out of the 100 trillion bacteria present in the body. Taken together these microbes create the gut flora or microbiota. All these microorganisms depend on us as much as we depend on them.

A Microbiome

A new study recently bought to light that we start producing microbes since the moment we are in the utero, from there, we keep producing these microbes our whole life. These microbes help in digesting our food once they have reached in the stomach. All the research has shown us if we have a plant-based diet that helps in keeping the microbiota in balance.

Everyone Is Different

These microbiotas can be different kinds like good, bad or neutral for our body that will be based on how it affects our health. For each person, just like their unique identity, has unique gut bacteria. According to journals and research, about 80 per cent of the bacteria is good and the rest 20 per cent is bad or neutral.

Meat For Your Gut

Research from the Cardiology journal online suggests that food items like meat, chicken or eggs can cause harm to the health of humans when they are metabolized by the microbiota. When some kind of these foods are digested, the microbiota metabolizes them into a matter known as trimethylalamine or TMAO.

Within just a few hours after you had meat, the levels of TMAO increases significantly. But if a vegetarian had meat TMAO levels had a different spike much less than compared to that of a meat-eater.

Healthy Greens

IF you have been having a diet that’s based on plant items then the microbiota produced are generally good. Another research in the Gastroenterology journal and found that vegans produced fewer pathobionts that are known to cause diseases in the human body.

Prebiotics Leads To A Healthy Gut

These studies in the journal have proven that having food that has prebiotics, that are known to grow these microbiotas which can lead to the good health of the body can stimulate the growth good microbes in our system.

Foods That Produce Prebiotics:

  • These items aid in digestion & increases absorption while kills unhealthy bacteria.
    • Tempeh
    • Miso
    • Natto
  • Plain Yogurt Cruciferous Vegetables such as Broccoli is beneficial for fighting against inflammation and cancer.
  • Kimchi helps in better health for the intestine walls, it also helps boost the immune system 
  • Beans produce short-chain fatty acids & help boost the vitamins absorption process. 
  • Artichokes are fibre rich.

These microbes are still a field that needs a lot of research in order to be understood completely but in the meantime, you can rest assured that if you are following a plant-based vegetable diet than you won’t face any issues in future in terms of your health.

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