Transportation Services & It’s types In UK and USA

Generally, transport modes or transportation services are the means by which people and freight achieve mobility. These transportation services are called transport assets and fall into one of three basic types, Land (road and pipelines), water (shipping), and air (Flights). We will compare and contrast USA and UK  while discussing the transportation services they offer as well as the challenges that transportation faces.

United Kingdom

Transportation services in United Kingdom are vast, to name a few, UK has a booming business of taxis, buses, ferry, train, airplane and personal vehicles. These services are related to daily life routine of UK nationals, besides this there are some special services as well which should be taken into account like covered transportation in UK, in which people can transport heavy things across the country like cars, furniture and other appliances. Usually people use covered transportation for extremely high value motorsport logistics, besides this there are funeral transportations easily available as well.

There are some challenges that United Kingdom faces with regard to mobility, as you might expect, it’s a highly populated country hence the traffic might be painful specially in big cities like London. Everyone likes the comfort of driving their own car from work to home but during rush hours you would get so frustrated that you would rather prefer taking train or a bicycle.

The other challenge that we should ponder over is that according to an estimation, 75% households in UK own a car and a huge number also use other driving machines like trucks, motorcycles and buses which means that traffic is heavy particularly in downtown areas rather than rural roads, for solving these problems the British Government has decided to increase the length and quality of roads and researches are held for solving these problems.

United States of America

USA has a vast list of transportation services just like UK. There are public buses, trains, private taxi services, furniture movers, funeral services and the USA also has covered transportations just like the Covered Transportation in UK. Beside this, there are transport security services which includes the bullet proof vans that carry money to the ATM vestibules and banks. However, the challenges in USA are different than UK.

The challenges in USA include Traffic congestion, parking difficulties, longer commuting, public transport inadequacy, Environmental impacts, energy consumption and automobile dependency. The question arises, how can these problems and challenge be solved, The US Government observes these challenges and try making the roads wider in lengths and better in quality plus the charged parking makes sure that no one is keeping a car in a public place longer than necessary

This was a contrast of different transportation services and challenges in UK and USA.

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