Starting a Business in Dubai Mainland

A Mainland Company is a legal entity registered under the Department of Economic Development, there are many advantages of starting a company in Dubai mainland, the setup process is easy and hassle-free if you have the right information, and guidance.

The Setup Process Steps:

  1. Reserve trade name
  2. Find a local sponsor
  3. Get the initial approval
  4. Find suitable location
  5. Sign the contracts
  6. Issue the license
  1. Selecting and reserving the Trade name:

Finding the desired trade name is not an easy task, as most of the good trade names are already reserved, besides you must select a proper trade name, it should follow the general guidelines of the issuing authority.

  1. Finding a trusted local sponsor:

The local sponsor must be an Emirati individual or a company whose shareholders are UAE nationals 100%, to start a mainland LLC or professional company in UAE you must have a local partner or local service agent, finding a local sponsor in Dubai is very important to ensure the stability of your business and the comfort of your mind.

  1. Issuing the initial or pre-approval:

At this stage, you have to submit all the papers and documents to the licensing authority, this includes passport copies, visa copies, and NOCs if required, and sign the application form to submit it and get the approval.

  1. Finding a suitable office:

After getting the initial approval, you need to find an office for your new company, the new license will be registered on that location, if the license is an LLC license, then you have many options, like business bay and Sheikh Zayed road … etc., Besides the business centers, they provide furnished offices and the rent includes all utility bills, but if the license is from a free zone, then you have limited options inside the zone, it depends on the available rent spaces, although most free zones have a flexi-desk option, where you can issue the license without using the office, then you must get the tenancy contract.

  1. Signing the contracts:

This step is required during the setup process, all the partners should sign a partnership agreement, it should declare the company capital, the shares and the profits of each partner, this agreement should be attested at the notary public, or at the free zone management office, this procedure differs according to the license type.

  1. The final step, issuing the license:

After completing and submitting all the requirements, the licensing authority will issue the final payment voucher, once this voucher is paid, the business license will be issued, and you will be officially licensed to practice your activity.

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