Some of the important rituals that take place at the wedding of Punjabi culture and religion

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Punjabi weddings are celebrated with full fun and enjoyment. There are so many important rituals that take place at the wedding of Punjabi culture. Some of the rituals that are followed by them are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Rokka: This is the first and the most important ritual of a Punjabi wedding. In this ritual, the matchmaking of the selected boy and girl take place. In this ritual, both the families gather and do the matchmaking ceremony. this ritual is followed by the Shogun ritual.
  2. Shagun: This is a ritual in which the bride and groom to be are showered with gifts such as money, jewelry, dresses, etc. in this ritual all the family members take part. This ritual is also known as the pre-engagement ritual.
  3. Engagement: This is a ritual in which the bride and groom give rings to each other. In this ritual, all the friends, family members, and relatives are invited. Engagement is a ritual full of fun and enjoyment because all the people dance and sing to show their happiness.
  4. Mehndi/Sangeet: In this ritual, the bride and groom are adorned with Mehndi on their hands, followed by adoring of Mehndi on the family members also. On the other side, people dance to celebrate the day. All the people gather and dance a lot to celebrate the function.

With the Sangeet ritual, Jaggo also takes place. This is a ritual in which all the members of the family gather to collect oil in the pot, that is carried by one of the family members. On the other side, all the people say boliyan and do dance and fun on that. This is a ritual full of fun and enjoyment.

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  1. Vatna: In this ritual, a fine paste of turmeric is applied to the bodies of bride and groom. This is a ritual that is common in the wedding of all the religion except the Christian one.

After this ritual, a wedding ceremony takes places. In Anand Karaj, the bride and groom tie in a relation of husband and wife. The bride and groom take three Lavan around the Guru Granth Sahib. There are so many Sikh matrimonial services that will help people in finding the perfect Sikh bride and groom for them.

  1. Viddai: In this ritual, the bride is given a goodbye by her family members. All the members of the family cry to show how lovable she is. After that, in a well-decorated car, she is sent with her husband.
  2. Welcome to the bride: the bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law to the house of her husband. She is the one who put oil on the corner of the house to welcome her with full pleasure. After the Puja of the bride and groom are done then, she is welcomed to her house.

Reception: In this ritual, a party is given by the groom’s family to tell everyone that marriage is successfully done.

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