Recyclings is clean waste separation

Garbage sorting only makes sense if you do it right

According to surveys, an overwhelming majority of consumers find waste separation correct at around 92 percent and advocate the recycling of packaging waste. In order for this potential to be used in the best possible way and for modern recycling to be able to develop its environmentally friendly effect, a few simple rules must be observed when sorting waste. Separating waste is all about care.

Which garbage in which bin and which garbage cans are there?

Basically, waste separation is very simple and quick to explain


There are five categories:

Lightweight packaging (LVP) made of plastic, aluminum, tinplate or composite materials such as beverage cartons
Container glass (no drinking glasses, no flat glass)
Paper / cardboard / paperboard
residual waste


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For each of these types of waste own collection containers are available.


One of the most common questions about waste separation is: what belongs in which bin? The answer to this question is given quickly.


In most cases it is separated as follows:


Plastic Recycling – What’s in the Yellow Bag?

Plastics recycling is handled by the yellow bin and the yellow bag. They are both reserved exclusively for lightweight packaging made of metal, composite material and plastic. However, there are some things that do not belong in the yellow sack and the yellow bin. The uncomplicated answer to the question “What belongs in the yellow bag?” gives our separation aid.


Are all packaging equally easy to recycle?

That depends on many factors. With Design4Recycling the Green Dot advises companies in the design and production of packaging, so that they can be easily disposed of and optimally recycled.


Paper recycling is easy

Waste paper – paper, cardboard and cardboard or cardboard packaging – is part of the waste paper collection for proper recycling.


Dispose of glass – but right

Empty bottles and glasses belong to color-sorted white, brown and green glass in the respective glass containers. Important motto in glass recycling: blue is green! Blue glass always belongs in the green glass container. Not included in the glass containers: ceramics, porcelain, earthenware, light bulbs, drinking glasses and flat glass such as windows or mirrors.


In addition, residual waste and biowaste each have their own tons and must be filled accordingly. But no rule without exception: Locally, the collection systems can be different. Please inform the waste consultant of the municipality or the responsible disposal company.

Parting aid for printing

Yellow bag – what is allowed?

Our practical web and print separation tool eliminates all doubts when sorting waste into yellow sack and yellow bin. Just download, print and hang up.


How to recycle properly and above all: why?


The answer to the question of why we separate our waste is simple: the environment and ultimately for the sake of people. Because the potential for recycling is huge. But only by properly separating all our waste and ensuring the purity of the waste can recycling function properly and protect our environment.


In concrete terms, this means that if you separate your waste, sorting plants can work optimally and provide the recycling industry with valuable secondary raw materials. Their processing and reuse in new products not only closes recyclable material cycles, but also generates lower environmental impact: less energy consumption, reduced greenhouse effect, less fossil resources, less acidification of water and soil, and eutrophication of waters.

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