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best photography colleges in India

These days, many people who are passionate about photography are thinking of taking their passion ahead and selecting it as their full-time career option. This is because; a lot of opportunities have been built up in the field of photography now because these days everything needs proper marketing and advertising and when it comes to showcasing the brand and the product then photography plays a very vital part into it.

But again in most professional areas, there is no space for amateur photographers. People who are hiring look for some experience in the candidates or else a proper photography degree which has been obtained. That is why; if one wants to take it as a career, they need to go for a photography course first. There are many top photography colleges in India where they can take a look at the courses and the degrees that are offered in photography and in related fields.

When one thinks of what is the basic educational qualification needed to enroll in a degree photography course, then it is the basic 12th standard examination that one needs to pass from a proper high school. After that one can apply to any photography institute and enroll for a degree course. Some photography colleges and institutions have their own sets of entrance rules and separate examinations because they want to test their applicants in their own way. In order to get a chance to study in those colleges, one needs to clear the entrance first and then they can select a course.

The general bachelor degree in photography is mainly of 2 to 3 years. After completing that, one can go for the masters of photography or MA which is a gain of 2 years of span. If one does not have much time in their hands then they can always go for a diploma course in photography which has a span of about 6 months to 1 year. If one has already done any other degree courses and have started working elsewhere but still wants to pursue photography as a career option then they can go for the diploma courses as they are of short spans and at the same time, many diploma courses have evening classes which will be easy to attend.

After completing the basic courses in photography one can always go for an advanced course in photography. These courses mainly come with particular specializations. One needs to pick and select a particular course depending on what they are really passionate about. When one picks a particular specialization, one needs to select from the various genres of photography. It can be Portfolio photography, Black and White photography, Wild Life photography, Food photography, Fashion photography, Apparel photography, Retail photography and many more.

There are some best photography colleges in India where one can enroll for a proper photography course and once the course is done they get a proper degree and a certificate which they can add to their resume. This can help a lot in the professional field.

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