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VerdictThe New Balance Summit KOM/QOM (“King/Queen of the Mountain”) is a company and durable trail running shoe that delivers maximum stability and security to hazardous terrain. Even though this might not be the quickest shoe, it’ll reliably take you more than miles of diverse terrain from streets and dirt paths into mountaintop skree.

Who’s it for? For the long-distance runner who enjoys pillow, equilibrium, and additional protection against the elements, stones, and other dangers on the road.


Though my first reaction to this particular shoe was that it was too bulky and excessively stiff, I gradually realized the benefits of the security and endurance of this New Balance Summit KOM/QOM (“King/Queen of the Mountain”) on trails using sharps stones, cluttered terrain, along with other barriers.

Essential attributes, including a stone plate, strong toe obstacle, and ample cushioning created these shoes feel comfortable and comfortable over extended attempts. I didn’t feel like those were sneakers to PR in, instead, they had been constructed for its inevitable slogs throughout each training period.


True to its title — New Balance Summit”Queen of the Mountain” (or even”King of the Mountain” for its men-specific variant ) — that this shoe has been constructed for the diverse terrain from predicated on the summit.

The Vibram outsole provided adequate multi-directional grip in many environments I analyzed these sneakers on, such as dirt paths, over stones, grass, and snow.

Between the integration of a ROCKSTOP plate between the midsole and outsole along with a Toe Shield forefoot barrier, these sneakers were impenetrable to water, sand and snow, in addition to shielded from sharp stones and other consequences. These shoes are constructed to exude confidence in security and endurance throughout your most economical and most rocky runs.


As above, the security on those shoes are the most remarkable attribute — and you do feel as if it’s possible to handle the most rugged trail runs in those.

The ROCKSTOP stone plate proves successful underfoot. The top is made from breathable synthetic mesh using a good Toe Shield Cable cap which truly diminished effect to even as awkward a runner like myself.

My sole complaint about the security of the shoes is that miniature rocks that could get lodged between lugs and drainage holes from outsoles from running on gravel. While this was not a direct problem, it did endanger tread and drainage and made the bothersome task of needing to pick out the very small stones after a jog.


Once over 50 miles with the shoe, the sole real significant wear is to the heels cuffs which have split. The top shows no other signs of tearing or fraying and therefore are just cosmetically scuffed on the toe cap. The Vibram outsole shows minimal signs of wear after half an hour.

Responsiveness & Rate

In 10.8 oz., I discovered this shoe to be heavier and more cumbersome than other trail shoes I’ve run in. I believed the RevLite midsole might have been more responsive.

The only felt stiff, therefore my measures dropped flat-footed, especially on the downhill. The multi-directional lugs eased efficient uphill grip overall, but the downhill didn’t always feel as safe to me personally sloppier terrain (such as mud or moist stones ).

As soon as I ran through the subway, the outsoles got caked in so much sand that it really weighed the shoe to the point I needed to stop and eliminate it.

Comfort and Fit

These shoes run bigger, and that I needed to re-order a half size bigger than I do. Despite these shoe dimensions conducting little lengthwise, I found the match to be roomy enough to accommodate swelling that the may happen over longer distance runs or a wider foot.

I didn’t encounter any blisters or even”hot spots” in those sneakers. I didn’t find these shoes to be comfortable right from the box. Regardless of the cushioned midsole and addition of this removable insole, it required approximately 10-12 miles until I got used to the rigidity of this shoe all around.

Moreover, the laces didn’t remain tied firmly, which was frequently frustrating to me personally. I discovered the breathable synthetic and mesh upper combined with the Toe Protect for a fantastic mix for keeping my feet warm in snowy and wet conditions nonetheless, the venting felt compromised on warmer days.


While the New Balance QOM wouldn’t be my first pick for a prospective PR race, to get a training run or race where I expected the dangers to be abundant and potentially debilitating, these shoes are a fantastic alternative. I enjoyed these shoes the longer I conducted in them, particularly for that additional sloppy terrain.

While I did not have a chance to track run a 14er, I believe that the QOM are the shoes to perform it in. These shoes will be excellent for any road runner searching for maximum protection at a true trail running shoe or even an essential addition in a trail running shoe spinning to get more competitive trails. If you are looking for more review visit Best Running Shoes 2019

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