Important Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Tiles for Your Home

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or a bathroom or even an outdoor area, tiles dramatically change the look and feel of any space. Here are the top five things to keep in mind when choosing your tiles to ensure you make the perfect selection! Tiling is a major part of any renovation, so it’s important to remember that the tile design you go with today, could be something you live with for years to come. Let’s discuss how to choose tiles for your home.

1.   Room Size:

Large tiles make a room feel larger and airier. Using floor tiles on the walls will make the space seem more cohesive, but you can’t use wall tiles on the floor. A floor tile will have a harder glaze and will be made of harder materials to withstand traffic. In a small room, light-colored tiles will make the space feel bigger. If you have a large room you have more options; you can chose from light to dark tiles.

2.   Color:

Consider the general feel you want to achieve in the room you are tiling – serene and relaxing or moody and atmospheric? Unless you have a feature area such as a splash back, tiles aren’t normally the focus of a room, but they can complement other design features of a room. In a bathroom you might want a restful relaxing setting, so go for colors that blend well together. In a kitchen you might want a more vibrant option, so choose colors that contrast.

3.    Texture:

Textured tiles are generally harder to clean. They’ve got more grout lines, they’ve got an uneven surface, and so maybe using it in a kitchen application as your benchtop isn’t the best idea. You should always over order your tiles, to allow for breakage or mistakes, so add an additional 10% to your final count. And remember – use your tile suppliers, use their expertise. Take home samples and try them out! You can also buy Victorian tiles from your tiles in economical rates.

With digital printing, it is now possible to recreate any pattern on a tile. However, the pattern and design should not be the only deciding factor. It’s important to identify the right finish as well. Glossy tiles look great on walls, while stone finish tiles are ideal for exteriors. For bedrooms, wood finishes are recommended since they lend a warm feel while for bathroom and kitchen walls one can experiment with metallic and mosaics in combination with plain tiles.

4.   Keep The Maintenance In Mind:

Sure, some of the tiles you’ve chosen are immensely visually appealing. Yes, it has all the aesthetic properties you want, but it will burden you a lot when you have to clean or maintain it. Maybe not such a good idea if you don’t want to be encumbered by an incredibly draining cleaning task.

For bathrooms, it is recommended to go for porcelain or ceramic tiles. Not only are they perfect for areas with high moisture, they’re also fuss-free to maintain. On the other hand, natural stone tiles are a bit more fastidious. It’s easy for them to attract dirt and grime, especially when they’re often wet.


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