How to Fix Dell Inspiron Touchpad Not Working

Dell Inspiron Touch Screen

This is a blog post that provides the right solution for troubleshooting the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop mouse pad not working on various computers. The best method is given right here to deal with such issues and fix the mouse pad not working issue. Actually, there are multiple steps are given here to diagnosis and fix this problem and solve related issues on Dell.

Dell Inspiron Touchpad Not Working

Steps to Fix Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Mouse Not Working:

Step 1: Check the touchpad is enabled or not and press Fn + F6, F9, F12 and F5.

Step 2: Now users can also enable the touchpad from mouse settings.

Step 3: Download here the touchpad drivers compatible with the device.

Step 4: Now check the BIOS configuration and enable touchpad.

Step 5: Here you have to shut down the laptop and remove the battery.

Step 6:  Now re-attach the battery and perform the restart of the computer.

Step 7: Finally check for touchpad has been connected to the mainboard.

Just follow these steps and your Dell laptop Inspiron touchpad will work properly. If these steps are not helpful users can call at 1-844-395-2200 Dell Inspiron support number and get online assistance by experts to fix this problem and make your Dell Inspiron touchpad not show any issue. These tech experts can also help you to solve the Dell Inspiron laptop issues.


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