How to choose the best wedding photography & videography package?

How to choose the best wedding photography & videography package?

The wedding photos and videos you take on your big day will be the tangible souvenir that will remain with you forever, so it is a must that you choose the best photographer and videographer who will capture those wonderful and emotional moments. A video is always an investment of making sure all the big instances are shot in technicolor without a miss so that later you can revisit that time you weren’t present for. These are those seconds you want to cherish forever, which will make people laugh or even emotional. The point is; however, it is important to consider a few ideas and thoughts when you choose a package with the best wedding photography and videography in Kerala.

Know your budget

There are photography and videography packages in different budgets. So, you will surely find something that suits you. What you can also do is save money on a wedding album, as they are costly when it comes with high quality. Moreover, you can always opt for a wedding album later on if you want. Wedding videography is expensive too. It depends on how many videographers you call on the day. It is advisable to call just one professional. The style of film you have opted for, amount of post processing and video editing will also determine the cost of the package.

Select your preferred style

Do a thorough research by meeting some of the best wedding videographers in Kerala who can do unique and classic film styles. Remember that photographers who are great at capturing natural candid shots taken instantly may no not be good at traditional group photos. So, it is for you to decide what you want. Impactful memories of your big day or conventional photos of the obvious moments. Videographers usually provide “point-and-shoot” service that will only document the day, and nothing more. This is cost-effective but not very effective and charming.

 Look at sample work

It is important to look at samples or portfolios of different photographers as they all have different styles. Ask yourself if you want your photos and videos to look like that. Look at a whole bunch of photos and videos from an entire wedding to get the overall quality, instead of just a few best shots. Also look at edited and complete versions of the entire wedding video. Make sure the audio quality is also good and the edits are seamless, and the entire video tells a couples’ story along with their personality reflecting in it so that you get the best wedding photography & videography in Kerala.

Request for testimonials

Ask the firm or vendor if they can provide you with contact details of any couples they have done wedding photos or videos for. You may want to ask them certain questions which you wouldn’t want to directly ask the vendor, like any probing questions about their overall experience working with them, did they capture all the must-have qualities in the videos and photos they shot or anything else you would like to know before you decide.

Be aware of your rights

When you sign the contract for the assignment with your photographer, it is common that they will own the rights to all photos and videos taken. So, they will have the rights to use them to promote their services on websites or social media and they may only share watermarked images or videos with you online. So, be careful when you are thinking about buying the album later on, as you may have to buy rights to the images. It is better to be aware of your rights early on to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Your turn to decide

So, are the above points helpful for you to choose the best firm for your big day so that you can get the ideal and special wedding photography Kerala experience?

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