Home maintenance may seem complex and threatening to the unskilled, and fear that your own attempts to fix the leaky faucet or drawn window may cause further damage to the uninitiated. A home maintenance plan, however, can make a big difference in your bank account. Fortunately, proper home maintenance does not require a great deal of specialized know-how or training, nor does it require a great deal of time or money.

Here we describe some important home maintenance tips so that you can maintain your home by yourself

  • Water leaking from your toilet tank not only costs you money when it comes to your utility bill, but also causes water damage to your bathroom floor and premature wear of the internal workings of your toilet. To find out if your toilet tank leaks, add some coloring of red food to the tank water. Come back in about an hour and see whether the water is pink in the bowl. If it’s, you’ve got a leak. If you find your toilet leaks from the tank to the bowl, you must replace the flapper. To change the flapper of your toilet, shut down the water supply to your toilet first. To do so, simply turn the water valve behind the toilet. Remove the lid from the tank and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Use a towel or sponge to remove any remaining excess water from the tank. Remove the flush chain from the lever and slide off the overflow tube the old flapper. Slide the new flapper over the overflow tube, connect the chain again and switch on the water supply.
  • It is important to check your washing machine water supply tubes for leaks regularly. One of the main reasons for insurance claims is water damage from leaky supply lines for washing machines. Inspect water supply lines of the washing machine at least every year and replace them every three years if they are plastic. If you see that the metal ends of your water supply lines are colored or rusty, immediately replace them. Faulty washing machine drain pipes are just as important as water supply lines when it comes to keeping water off your floor and where it belongs in your drain. As with supply lines, inspect the ends of your washing machine drain lines regularly for color or rust and replace them immediately if you find proof of leakage. In addition, use a crescent wrench or pair of pliers to check the snugness of the drain lines. If the line is tightened properly, you should be unable to tighten the line further. Every three years, plastic lines should be replaced.
  • While the acids contained may help unclog a drain, they also cause serious damage to your plumbing, including premature leakage. This can subsequently lead to costly repairs. If your bath or toilet is completely clogged, use a small drain snake to pull the offending clog to the surface, which you can buy at any hardware outlet. If your kitchen sink is stuck, try to plunge it before you try to serpent the drain. Call a professional of home maintenance Dubai if you can’t remove the clog with a drain snake.

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