Future Of Digital Marketing- “It’s Completely Changed”

Marketing the best way to create brand value. Demand of Marketing in the market is rising and changing day by day, with the advancement of technology and desire to get instant result the new methodology comes with the name of Digital Marketing.

“The refine and advance process to reach your potential customers with the help of Digital Medium is termed as Digital Marketing. As we are Digital Marketing Agency in Raipur having a client’s from different domain, so we decided to reform our Marketing methods and we launched and named it Digital Marketing Ver-2.0.

In Digital Marketing Ver-2.0 we are highly segregated customer base according to the client’s domain and we start using different technology according to the business requirements. In this blog we covering the topics like,

  • Digital Marketing Ver-2.0
  • Advance Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Refine Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Users Growth Insights
  • Government Digital Initiative
  • Educational Institute Contribution
  • Conclusion

Digital Marketing Ver-2.0

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According to the research it was found that expenditure on Digital Marketing is comparatively lesser than Traditional Marketing. So as you all know that Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts or we can say methods that use an electronic medium to reach out their potential customers.

We face a lot of issue due to our wide range for Customers because we are targeting only a reason customer without understanding the complete business and customer requirements. We start researching and experimenting some of the new methodology in our Digital Marketing Lab and after a month we got a result and we named it “Digital Marketing Ver-2.0.

In this research we came to know that you have to segregate the customer as per business requirement and also you also have to choose the right platform where you found your potential customers.

Digital Marketing Ver-2.0 gives the best RoI to our clients.

Digital Marketing Ver-2.0 born with experiments. So, let understand the main bifurcations of Digital Marketing with an example of cafe marketing and that cafe serves only at particular location.

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In cafe Marketing we have to target only local customer and we have to target premium customer who really love to spend their time in cafe.

Advance Search Engine Optimization: Although we are SEO Company in Raipur proving Best SEO Services to our clients. SeoStreet always use the latest methods along with old methods. Our day to day practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic through search engine marketing. SEO involves making certain changes according to the latest Algorithm updates of Search Console. You always have to use simple and informative content with the insertion of keyword. With the use latest technology you can understand the best structure that Search Engine Result Understand.

Recently, the new technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Analytics you can automate as well as find the best resources which you can use to rank your website higher on SERPs.

Let’s Understand How we implemented SEO in Cafe Website.

As cafe are locally based so we do a research work on what people are searching if they want to know about cafe in their area. So after a research we insert the combination of English and Hindi keywords and that keywords are really increase their website traffic.


Marketing Automation:  There are different high end tools in the marketing like CRM Software, Social Sharing and Automation Platform, SEO Tools which help you schedule your marketing efforts. If you are handling many Social Media Account just use Hootsuit the best social merging platform where you can handle multiple social media handle. Also you can use many SEO tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Ahref and many more tools you can use to simplify your work.

Many marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks which they can do manually like email newsletter, social media post scheduling and many more. Marketing Automation has a great and immense growth in the market.

Let’s Understand How we implement Marketing Automation in Cafe Marketing

As we already mentioned above we have multiple clients from different domain here we plan a post for a week or a month and we schedule it by using Hoot suit. We save our time as well as we get the extra time to handle the other aspect of Marketing.


Content Marketing: Content Marketing is one of the best way to attract more and more visitors to your site as well as social platforms. According to the latest update of Google if your is unique and informative that will satisfy the answer requirement of users, then your article can rank on 0 indexing page on the SERPs page and which allow you gain more traffic. With the advancement of technology there are various tools came under the market which allow users to write more adhering content. We really believe in generating our own unique content for each and every customers.

Refine Social Media Marketing: As you always opt to choose Best Social Media Marketing Agency, we always work on enhancing our Social Media Marketing Strategy. Depending upon the type of Business you must have to select those social platform where your target potential customers are engaging. Also you have to select the proper time to post your content on different Social Media.

In the case of Café we choose Instagram and Facebook as a main platform because most of the customers in that area are engaging on that two platforms. Also about the timing we opt to choose Morning time between 8:58 AM to 9:15 AM and in Afternoon time is in between 2:58 PM to 3:15 PM.


These are some of the important bifurcation of Digital Marketing. This list doesn’t hand here there are a lot more. But these are some of the important ones. Let’s understand the Insights of Contribution and Adoption in Different Sectors.

Future of Digital Marketing is very bright and shinning. It India, according to a survey there are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019 an increase of 366 million from last year i.e. 2018. So, it is clearing showing the bright future of Digital Marketing in India.

Internet User Growth Insights: As it is also discussed above, number of internet users have increased on a very great level. It is one of the most important factors for the bright future of Digital Marketing. It has been predicted that the number internet users are to get doubled by 2022. This is because, the rate in which the country is growing in terms of everything, people will be heavily dependent on the internet in the coming years.


Government Digital Initiative: For changing the whole ecosystem of public service through the use of Information Technology (IT), the Government of India launched the Digital India programmed. The main vision of this programmer is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Educational Institute Contribution: Many institutes are now introducing degree in digital marketing. It is a very simple and basic concept that if there is demand of something there has to be a proper supply also.

As a practical approach now even many digital marketing agencies have their own academy where they teach digital marketing to the prospective students. The demand for digital marketing is on the rise and those who know are coming up with ideas to train the students.

Some of the premier Digital Marketing Institute in India which are providing a simplified and in depth knowledge of Digital Marketing along with certification. DigitalVidya is one the best Online Digital Marketing Institute who provide quality education in the field of Digital Marketing.

A country can only develop when it is developed wholly. Same goes here if digital marketing only focusing on the metropolitan cities then other parts of country left behind. But now a days, even in rural areas the digital equipment started blooming. Many a company are started established here and it improves the condition of that town as well as it increases the use of digital marketing also.

These are some of the main reasons for which digital marketing in India is going to flourish at a great pace. There a lot of more reasons like increased digital classified market revenue, affordability, etc.

So, basically from this whole written up peace we can conclude that future of Digital Marketing is going to flourish like a star. It is going to be one of the most important employment and engage a lot of people in this sector.


Key Points: As with the advancement in the era of technology Digital Marketing trends is also evolving day by day and along with that as a Digital Marketing Consultant you also have to enhance your skills so that you can work in better way and give right RoI to your clients. Also do use the Automation Tools, Get Updated with the Algorithm Updates, Create unique and engaging content, Maintain uniformity these are the some of the major points which you have to follow if you want to be the Best Digital Marketing Company.

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