Exploring Kuwait- The Country with Rich Heritage

When it comes to visiting a Gulf country, Kuwait is a beauty rarely spoken by global tourists. Until you delve down the ocean, you cannot witness the beauty of water. Kuwait is one such country, who witness fewer footfalls of tourists every year in comparison to the other neighboring countries. But those who have visited this magnificent land know, how this country is rich in history, heritage and modern architectures that commemorate its freedom.

Kuwait is a country that can guarantee thrills to the history buffs. Being an Islamic country, Kuwait’s passion and dedication to its religious practices reflect in many forms. With beautiful blend of religious beliefs, multi-ethnic culture and modern infrastructure, Kuwait has changed the prejudice of global arena.

Tourist visa for Kuwait

When you plan for an international trip, the first and foremost thing you have to consider as important is to acquire a visa. Those who have applied for visa once in a lifetime, knows how difficult and tedious the process is. Although, Kuwait government has made the visa policy transparent and easy to understand for the applicants, but Kuwait visa process can be rigorous depending on the country’s standing with the government of Kuwait.

The tourism sector brings rapid economic growth of any country and Kuwait is taking all the necessary steps to promote the tourism and lure the global tourists. To make tourist come to visit Kuwait, it is very important to make visa policy easy. An applicant has to submit a complete set of documents that prove the authentication of identity of the applicant.

Basic documents required to submit are:

• Scanned copy of the first and last page of passport

• Scanned color photo copy

• Bank statement that must show you have sufficient balance in your account to bear your expenses in Kuwait

If you have a past criminal record, you will be denied visa for any country in the world. Contact a Kuwait tourist visa agent for a hassle free visa application procedure.

There are multifarious sightseeing options in Kuwait. Let’s explore what you can do while in Kuwait.

Sadu House

Sadu House an artistic house and museum situated Kuwait city, depicts the exquisiteness and custom encompassed in Bedouin crafts, namely Sadu weaving. Here lies the rich history of nomadic group of people. The Bedouin used the term ‘Al Sadu’ to refer the traditional weaving process.

Kuwait Towers

It is a group of three slender towers, standing on a promontory of Persian Gulf. It is regarded as the landmark and symbol of modern Kuwait. Standing at 614 feet, they rank among the tallest towers of the world. Visitors can relishes the sight of these towers from anywhere in the city. But the view from the top undoubtedly depicts the glorious past of the country. You can try some authentic cuisines in the restaurants located inside of these towers. The three towers have peculiar, bulb shaped design and were originally functioning as water towers and of the three towers still holds some reserved water for the city.

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque is the largest and the official mosque of the country. It portrays the religious beliefs of the people of Kuwait. During Ramadan, the mosque transforms into suitable worship space that accommodates thousands of people. One of the greatest experiences you will have while visiting the mosque is to admire the view inside the mosque.

Kubbar island

Kubbar is located 29 km off the coast of Failaka and 30 km off the southern coast of Kuwait. It is a serene gateway that gives the nation pride in picturesque locations. The island is nothing sort of spectacular and is unspoiled in every way. The pristine water crystal sands makes the beach enticing to the tourists.

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