Escape rooms

An escape room or escape game is an activity game, where two or more people (players) try to get out from a room, usually in a specific amount of time, usually 60 minutes. To be able to get out, they have to solve different problems, solve puzzles, or complete different tasks. Usually there are more than 2 tasks to solve, and players have to think and act together, to be efficient. This helps the players to get closer to each other and get to know each other much better than before. Escape rooms got popular around 10 years ago and they are still very popular wordwide.

Escape rooms are really great activities for groups, who do not know each other very well, but want to have a great time together, also great for families or as a team building activity. The typical task types in an escape room are searching for physical objects hidden in the room, using some thing in an unusual, different way, noticing something, that is actually “obvious” in the room, mathematical tasks, counting, algebra, logical tasks, like abstract logic (for example Soduku).

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