Detox in spring pleasant and gentle

Spring tiredness often overwhelms us in the spring – a sign of the body that it has to contend with slags and storages that cost him energy and make us lethargic. A gentle detox treatment helps the body excrete all polluting substances and gives us strength and new energy. In the spring, juhu.


The basic steps to detoxify


The day is best started with a large glass of warm lemon water. This gets the metabolism going and helps the body to become more alkaline. The lemon can neutralize toxins and thus improve the appearance of the skin. Ideally, during the day you should drink at least 2-3 liters of still water and unsweetened herbal teas (such as stinging nettle, dandelion or milk thistle). So the body gets enough liquid and the herbs help the body to bind slags and better excrete. Also the intestine – and consequently the whole body – and is detoxified and purified.


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To intensively support the detoxification, you can take a basic bath 1-2 times a week. Here’s how: 1 tablespoon of soda or 1kg of sea salt in a full bath and stir at least 30min. relax at 36 degrees water temperature. It is surprising how intensively the body can detoxify through the skin, and it is quite possible that one is tired and downright exhausted after this bath. The application is recommended especially in the evening – and then you can immediately slip into a warm bed and let the body recover.


It is also important to do a little sports every day. A few minutes of yoga, a brisk walk or even cycling to the office are enough to stimulate your metabolism. This helps the body to detoxify and, in practical terms, to burn more calories.

These simple methods restore the base-acid balance in the body.


Anyone who has an intensive working time, a lot of traveling or other things that does not make an ideal gentle detox cure possible, can bring his body back into balance with light fasting. You should abstain for 2-3 weeks from animal products (meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.) alcohol, sweets, ready meals and white flour products.


The body is happy during this time for fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grains. This diet does not burden the body and the intestine has time to recover. In addition, you have to hold back in the crowd, because fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains do well, support the digestive system with its fiber and make you full – so you automatically take less calories to yourself than before.


The intensive variant: the juice fasting

Juice fasting can be done as a 1 to 3-day short program. On the eve of juicing a teaspoon of Glauber’s salt should be dissolved in a glass of water and drunk to pre-cleanse the intestine. During the fasting days, you then completely abstain from solid food and eat best of freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices – of course from organic farming.



Good juice varieties are e.g. Apple, apple-carrot, apple celery, carrots-beets or even this “vegetable drink”: 1 cup of carrots, 1 cup of cabbage, 1 cup of onion, 1 cup of pumpkin or kohlrabi with 4 times as much water for about 30 minutes let cook (Caution, prepare for a fasting without salt!), Drain and drink the broth.


Regardless of which liquid you choose (fresh juices, herbal tea or water), about 3 liters should be drunk throughout the day to guide the toxins out of the body.


Juice Fasting Juicing Detox



These two miracle remedies support the body during fasting and help to persevere:

Umeboshi: The fruit of the ume tree in salt and shiso leaves. In the form of paste instead of salt as seasoning or pour the whole fruit with about 1 liter of warm water, infuse, drink and eat the fruit. Generally acts as a tonic, strongly alkalizing (even against hangover after too much alcohol) and normalizes digestion.


Wheatgrass: As freshly squeezed juice or in the form of tablets. Boosts vitality, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the digestive tract, and because of its extremely high content of minerals and vitamins is a true miracle cure for skin, hair and nails.



Spring is here and with it nature awakens again to fresh life! But why do we often feel as if our hibernation would merge seamlessly with spring fatigue? The rice cure helps us to start fresh!

Of course it is on the one hand, that in the winter time, which would have been created for retreat and regeneration, usually instead of making us comfortable in front of the fireplace or on the couch, work too much and exhaust us too much.

Moreover, in our affluent society we are simply constantly exposed to much information that can not all be successfully processed. Just like our email accounts, our minds are getting more and more loaded with information. Our digestive tract suffers from the plethora of information in the form of food that we stuff into ourselves.

With the rice-cure, we finally get rid of the old ballast.


What is the rice cure?

In principle, it is a gentle cleansing on a physical, mental and emotional level. By reducing the amount of food we normally consume to brown rice (and possibly miso soup), our body can focus on eliminating legacy issues rather than food processing. Slags that have accumulated over the years due to poor diet, stimulants, stress, etc., can now finally be let go.

How is it done?

The rice-cure is always done on a waning moon, because that’s the time to let go. Best start the day after a full moon. It should be at least 6-7 days, ideal are 10 to a maximum of 12 days.


Preparation of rice

Brown rice with 2-3 times the amount of water and a pinch of sea salt in a pressure cooker, cook rice cooker for about 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, simmer for about 45 minutes in a normal saucepan until the water is used up and the rice is soft.

You can also eat a miso soup. Miso is a fermented paste that consists of soybeans, barley or brown rice, sea salt and an enzyme starter. It balances our acid-base balance, strengthens our digestive tract and also tastes delicious! To buy, there’s Miso in the health food store.

Preparation miso soup

Cook root vegetables (classic greens from the grocery store) with clear water (without soup cubes !!!). Do not cook miso, otherwise the enzymes will be destroyed, but will be added after cooking. Since miso is very salty, never use more than 1 tbsp a day.


In addition, drink plenty of (carbonated) water. If the slag is released from the intestine, it can lead to side effects such as headache and nausea. Then absolutely support the detoxification process with blood-purifying plants, liver-gall-teas, base baths, liver wraps and enemas.


You may eat as much as you want and should not be starved, because otherwise the body switches to alert and does not want to give anything away. For those of us who may have gained a few kilos over the winter, a desirable side effect may be that they gradually tumble. All the excess that you no longer need can be let go and disappear as if by magic. Is not that wonderful?


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