Cleaning CPAP Machine Safely

The CPAP machine maintains enough pressure to help you breathjing despite nasal blockage when you sleep. There are different types of CPAP machines which control this using software and off grid power process and use a heated humidifier for the job. Howver, as you breathe through this machine, it is very important that you clean this machine from time to time to get a clean and easy breathing experience.

Which paers are to be cleaned?

The important parts of this machine should be cleaned regularly so that they are well disinfected and also are free from dusts. If somehow the tubes or the chamber is clogged due to dirt or dust, the machine will malfunction. You should be very careful about the filters, the battery and the humidifier. These should be cleaned even if you delay cleaning other parts of the machine. The masks and the tubes should also be added to this list. If the machine functions well, you will get a good night’s sleep.

CPAP  Cleaning Machine

there are many CPAP  cleaning machines available on the market. One can use homely solutions like wet wipes, warn water with soft dish detergent, mild shampoo and distilled water. In other words, try to use as less chemicals as possible as you will breathe through this machine. However, if you are not confident of using these or handling the task manually, you should get a specially made CPAP cleaning machine. SoClean CPAP machine does an excellent job of it.

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