Best Time To Visit Kerala

Best Time to Visit Kerala

The most questions asked by travellers to Kerala is about Best Time to Explore Kerala and Best hotels in Kochi. Kerala has mainly three tourist seasons. Cap Season which ranges from September to March, Off Season starts from April to May and Monsoon Season from June to August. Each and every season in Kerala is unique which makes an ultimate destination for tourists who are coming for different kinds of travel experiences in each of these seasons and Best Time to Visit Kerala is based on why you are visiting Kerala.

Kerala is precious with a welcoming and pleasant climate throughout the year over all the seasons and months. Peak Season in Kerala starts from September to March is the best time to visit Kerala for holidays. In these months the weather is warm and enjoyable, but not very hot. Summer Season starts from March to May, is affordable hot but not humid. Monsoon season is between June and August is the perfect time to visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments.


Best Season to visit Kerala


There are three marked seasons in Kerala and all these seasons are worthy to visit based on your purpose, why you are visiting Kerala:

  1. Peak Season starts from September to March when the climate is chilly and comfortable and the best time to visit for a holiday in Kerala
  2. Offseason in Kerala which is the balmy, humid summer season from April to May.
  3. Monsoon Season starts from June to August fit for Ayurveda with rains intermittently

N.B: It is very difficult to find a good hotel in Kochi during the peak season but still budget hotels in Kochi is not a big deal

Kerala is actually a very rainy state, which no doubt contributes to its luxuriant greenery.

Kerala is known as God’s own country, serves as a welcoming haven for tourists in search of culture, backwaters and seaside interlude. As with any destination, regulating the good time to travel to Kerala depends on a broad variety of factors, including the personal bias of individual visitors.


Peak Season of Kerala- September to March

Peak Season starts after the monsoon in September and goes on until March just when the summer is starting and is contemplated to be the best time to visit Kerala. At this time of the year, perfect weather and sunny skies are at its mild, enjoyable best providing a great healthy climate for guests visiting Kerala to relish their time in a Kerala Tour covering beaches, hill stations and backwater of Kochi

Most of the four stars classified hotels in Kochi, Kerala are sold out in this season so it is very important and vigil to find accommodation in Ernakulum especially the week on Xmas and New Year and it would be better to book you are the rooms in advance if you are planning to visit Kerala in this season.

Off Season Of Kerala – April to May

The summer months bring a slower stride, humid weather, fewer crowds, and very low packaged tourist hotels in Ernakulum Kerala. Even though its high temperatures during the summer also expect rain daily. The hottest time of year is between March and May a great time to visit if you can stay under 30 degree plus temperatures.


Summer is an awesome season to visit Kerala especially if you feel like to face the heat, plan your travel from April through May and feel a less congested and less expensive travel experience. Travelers would like to feel the summer with the support of executive bars in Kochi

Monsoon Season or Kerala Ayurveda Season- June to August

June and August see the heaviest rainfall, although it doesn’t fall every day and often only in short shatter. The weather can be in calculate, with slightly rougher seas and winds for this span of Kerala Tourism. Monsoons let you find a unique Kerala with swarming rivers, trees dancing to the tune of the winds, hills and vast expanses of fields covered with luxuriant grassy vegetation.

Kerala has extreme and hot summers and the onset of the monsoons in June comes as a relief after the hot, dry months of early summer, escorting welcome rain and lower temperatures and this is the Best season to Visit Kerala for Ayurveda Treatments.



Kerala is known as Gods Own Country because of the comfortable weather and season. So it’s all about why you visit Kerala so according to your purpose you can select Kerala’s season and enjoy

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