Baby Positions Inside The Womb

As the baby grows inside the body during the time of pregnancy, they can actually move around quite a bit inside the womb. One may also feel things like wiggling; kicking and the baby might twist and turn.

At the last month of the pregnancy, the baby becomes bigger and there is not much room for wiggle. The position of the baby becomes much more important as the due date comes nearer. The baby also needs to get into the best position to get prepared for the delivery. The doctor can easily access the position of the baby in the last month.

There are various positions in which the baby can stay inside the womb. Here are some major baby positions that are discussed about.


This is the baby head down position with their face facing to the back. Here, the baby’s chin is tucked in their chest and the head is ready to enter the pelvis. The baby is also able to flex their neck and head and then tuck their chin into their chest. It is also referred as the cephalic presentation. Here, the narrowest part of the head can easily press the cervix and it help to open at the time of the delivery. Many babies generally settle down in this head down position around the 33rd week of pregnancy. This is said to be the safest position in delivery.


Here also the baby is facing head down but the face here is positioned towards the stomach of the mother instead of their back. This is also known as the OP position. During the first stage of labour, about one third of the babies are in this position. But these babies are always rotating spontaneously and then they face the right direction during birth. But there are a few cases where the baby does not rotate. Here, the baby in position increases the chance of one having a prolonged delivery along with a severe back pain. Sometimes an epidural is also needed to ease the pain at the time of delivery.


The breech baby is always positioned with the buttocks or with the feet first. There are mainly 3 variations when it comes to breech positions. There is complete breech where the buttock is pointing to the birth canal. There is the frank breech where the baby’s legs are straight up in front of the body. Finally, there is the footling breech where both the baby’s feet are pointing towards the birth canal. It is said that the breech position is never ideal for the delivery because they might have higher chances of birth defects and trauma.

Transverse lie

Here, the baby lies horizontally in the uterus. This is a very rare case of delivery as here the baby can turn themselves to be head down much earlier than the due date. This fetus head down position can also require a caesarean delivery.

So the position of the baby inside the womb helps the doctor to decide what kind of delivery it would be.

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