All You Need To Know About Different Types of Electricians

Electricians are professionals who are experts in the field of wiring and various transmission lines. Their jobs include electrical work in buildings, different kinds of machines and often they are also found working in fields of airplanes, ships and other related places. Usually, around the world, an electrician falls in either of the categories, linemen who were responsible to work with electricity which involved high voltages such as the ones working on utility companies and the other being wiremen who worked with low voltages such as electrical work in the buildings. The workspace or the work areas of an electrician is quite uncomfortable and dirty. They must climb on ladders and work in a small congested place. An industrial electrician is exposed to outdoor working almost all the time and is exposed to heat, dust, and noise. All of them have one thing in common, they are all prone to electrical shocks. They may occur due to stray wires and voltages. They carry safety devices and equipment which help them in absorbing shocks and sparks. Now, depending upon their work, they are further classified into different fields:

1. Master Electricians – This type of person specializes in all kinds of electrical work. His job includes supervising a group of electricians who are ready to work with him. He should have knowledge of all kinds of work, from wiring to installation.

2. Domestic Electric Installers or Residential Electricians – as the name suggests, their area of work involves all kinds of electrical repairing and installations to be done at home. Their work ranges from fixing a broken socket to the installation of various wirings. Proper planning, maintaining and installing new lines and keeping a tab on all other electrical lines are the different kinds of work they specialize in. from taking care of heating, cooling, and ventilation.

3. Commercial Electricians – These are licensed professionals who are work in different areas of electrical components in commercial spaces. They are well versed with the installation of security systems and are responsible for the wiring of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Their scope is wider than the residential ones, but the type of job is the same, only the space of work changes.

4. Maintenance Electricians – These kinds of professionals help in keeping the already installed running and in good condition. From keeping an eye on power grids to making sure that the factory machines are working effectively, these are some of the areas where they work.

5. Construction electricians – An electrician who is responsible for the wiring of an entire building or developing new lines is known as the construction electrician. He should necessarily have an experience of more than 25 years. He might take up alone on an entire project or take help from people working on the same lines of electricity.

6. Electrotechnical Panel Builder – these people use information technology to build and control large power units. These units help in controlling the type of cooling and heating patterns of the building. They are specialized in developing new patterns of logic controllers which help them in this process.

7. Highway Electrical Systems Electricians – As the name suggests, these electricians work on roads to keep the street lights working. Street management systems are also managed by them to keep the operations of the road smooth and efficient.

Electrical Service
Electrical Service

Thus, these were the different types of electricians available in the world. These people help in installing proper electrical lines which help us in enjoying cooling or heating systems installed in offices and homes. While finding a good electrician, never forget that he should be licensed and experienced. An amateur can put not only his life to danger but also of others.

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