Airport Guide to First-Time Flyer

Are you flying for the first time? If yes, then there are a lot of questions and confusions hovering around your mind as of how to ace the airport rules. Airports are the most restricted areas and only passengers are allowed to enter it. To get an entry to the airport, you must have a valid flight ticket and I-card. To avoid any unpleasant situation, book your ticket from an online flight booking portal . There are some particular procedures which the passengers have to follow before boarding the flight. After receiving your boarding pass, you have to go through the luggage weight check and security check. Let’s not make it more confusing and get a clear picture of the airport scenario.

Once you reach the airport there are a few things you have to take care of. Here is a step-wise guide to finding your way around the airport.

  • Read your flight ticket carefully to know your terminal
  • Keep it handy as you have to show it to the security and even to get a boarding pass from your respective airline counter
  • Keep your i-card along with your flight ticket
  • Once you enter the airport, head directly to your airline section
  • Get your check-in baggage scanned
  • Go directly to your airline counter and get your boarding pass
  • Weigh your checked-in bag, get it tagged and the authority will do the rest with your luggage
  • Go to the security check counter and there you have to pass through a metal detector. Leave whatever you have along with you into an x-ray tray and collect it after you go pass the metal detector.
  • Now you can go directly to the gate allocated to you. The gate number and the time of your boarding are mentioned in your boarding pass.
  • After you board the flight, head to your seat number. Keep your hand baggage in the overhead bin and seat down.
  • To put on the seat belt follow and listen to the instructions carefully
  • Switch off your phone
  • After your flight takes off, the attendants will come to serve you with some relishing food.

What to do after landing at the destination

Before de-boarding the plane, the cabin crew will inform you about your baggage belt. Baggage belt is the area, where you can get your checked-in luggage. Apart from that, the large information display at the airport will tell you which belt is allocated to your flight. Each belt has its own display that indicates which flight it is serving.

Flight journey is quite fascinating and adventurous as it takes you 33,000 feet above the ground, where you will fly along with the cottony clouds and gets to witness the aerial view of the cities and forests and rivers.

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