Advantages of starting a company in Dubai Free Zone

If you are thinking about setting up your new business in Dubai, you should do it in one of the Free Zones. These are nothing but free trade zones whose purpose is to enhance international business by giving full ownership to expatriates.

Simple registration process

Registering your company in one of the more than 30 free zones of Dubai is a simple and straightforward process. It usually takes around 3 weeks to incorporate. Once you decide which free zone your business activity fits in, you can take assistance of a business consultancy UAE to guide you through the process. It usually involves company naming, renting premises, arranging deeds of establishment, getting business license, getting a corporate bank account, etc.

Fertile ground

Free zones are often the most ideal and apt location for setting up businesses if you are from a foreign country outside of UAE. It is equipped with advanced infrastructure, tax exemptions, high class amenities for your business, flexible government policies.

Hassle-free ownership

When you operate a business in another country, you might be worried about the government policies there, but in Dubai free zones you need not fear about this. There is 100% ownership for investors, regardless of nationality and origin.


You might be wondering if company formation in UAE would be flexible to meet your needs. Well, setting up your company in free zones has complete secrecy of operations. It is very welcoming to get engaged in international business. There is very less renewal charges and also flexible to hold properties You can participate in multiple activities and even open a bank account. You also have the option to liquidate anytime. You even get housing facilities, staff visas and other services.

Tax exemption

In free zones of Dubai, businesses are exempted from all import and export duties. You are also exempted from corporate taxes for 15 years, which you can renew post that. There is also 100% returns of capital and profits and 100% tax exemption on personal or business incomes.

Expert advise

To make the most out of the above benefits of free zones, it is advisable to use the services of consulting firms to assist you with your business setup in UAE LLC. As a foreign business in Dubai, you definitely do not want to miss out on any of the formalities or break any of the rules. You would want a very smooth processing throughout the entire procedure.


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