A sensible Guide to designing Packing Tape


We can’t say enough nice things about packing tape. it is a low entry purpose for customizing your packaging and also the style potential is endless. during this guide we tend to get up shut and private with tape from Lumi customers therefore you’ll see the colours, polythene sheet printing, and textures of the foremost common custom tape choices.

There area unit 2 normal sorts of packing tape, every with its own distinct texture and printing capabilities:

Poly packaging tape is formed of shiny plastic, and your style is written on prime of a transparent or white base. the quality breadth is a pair of inches. It will be used with a customary tape gun. Poly tape will be made of polythelyne or PVC. polyethylene tape is slightly agent whereas PVC tape is slightly thicker and best for packages over twenty five pounds. PVC is a smaller amount environmentally friendly, therefore if you would like the additional strength, contemplate adhesive paper.

Gummed paper is formed of recycled paper, Mailing bags and your style is written on prime of a white or wrapping paper base. the quality breadth is three inches. It uses a water-activated adhesive, padded envelopes therefore you may want a special dispenser. For heavier shipping applications, Bubble wrap strengthened adhesive tape is lined with covering material threads. it is best for shipping packages over thirty pounds. The threading additionally adds further texture to the design of the tape.

Packing Tape


One-color style on clear: With a transparent scenery, your chequered style seems to be floating on prime of your box.

One-color style, reversed out on white: Reverse printing merely implies that rather than printing the positive components of your style, you are printing the negative components — the background. once you begin with a white base, colours seem very vivacious and saturated. On this brown packing tape, Rockets of Awesome’s metal blue is written full bleed for a daring, edge-to-edge result.

Design: Rockets of awesome A sensible Guide to coming up with Packing Tape

Two-color style on white: If your two-color style includes a background color, your tape can possibly begin with a white base. A white base helps your background color very pop.

One-color style, reversed out on clear: once you reverse your style on a transparent base, Parcel Tape the colour of your box shows through your style. It’s easy, however we expect it’s exciting and a small amount sudden.

Gummed Tape

One-color style on wrapping paper: White on kraft could be a crowd favorite, simply confine mind that with lighter inks, the wrapping paper color can show through a small amount. Full bleed patterns like this one additionally look nice on tape, polythene rolls simply confine mind that there can be a small margin on one facet of the tape.

One-color style on white: similar to with packaging supplies, beginning with a white base could be a good way to create your print color additional daring and vivacious.

One-color style on strengthened kraft: The threads in strengthened adhesive tape add further texture, and it should not impact the clarity of your style unless you are printing with hairline graphics.

One-color style on white, strengthened kraft: This one could be a little bit of an optical phenomenon. the look is supposed to seem like it’s reversed out, however very it is a kraft coloured ink written on white often a cheaper choice to reverse printing. looking on your style, Postal packaging it can even offer you a higher print quality.

Note that the quality white adhesive tape is formed on a written report stock, whereas the strengthened white adhesive tape is formed on kraft stock coated with white ink. meaning a rather less bright white background for the strengthened vogue.

One-color style, Packing tape reversed on wrapping paper: Reverse printing on kraft will provide the illusion that your style is a component of the box. we expect it’s kind of neat.

Two-color style on white: almost like poly packing tape, several two-color adhesive tapes begin with a white base to allow the colours additional sonority. For color accuracy, it is best to decide on your lighter color because the background.

One-color, full bleed on white: If you would like a solid-colored tape, there area unit a number of stock choices, however you’ll additionally get a custom job. opt for a Pantone piece of material and check out a flood coat for a strip of stripped stigmatization on each package.

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