6 Skills Every Trade Show Event Staffer Should Have

A tradeshow happens to be one of the most beneficial platforms for businesses to highlight and spread their brand awareness and also achieve the rare opportunity of mingling with the clients and customers on a face-to-face basis.

But the success of the trade show participation depends on the prepared and efficient staff that your employ in your booth. The appropriate trade show staff can make or break the project. In fact, the staff happen to be the bane of the exhibit strategy and your pre marketing efforts will go in vain if not for them.

That is why well-trained and enthusiastic staff are of foremost significance and it is they who can offer you all the desired results that crave for. Below are some of the must-have skills for your trade show staff that will help you to achieve success.

Just take a look.

  • Must be Tech-Savvy – This is something that you should always take into account. The event staffer should be able to handle technology in the best ay possible. In case of social media this is most important. Your company’s social media should be accessible easily by your booth staff so that information can be shared with the others without any problem. The Twitter and other kinds of social media platforms are quite popular for networking and for generation of leads at the trade shows. That is why you should ensure that the event staff come prepared with the social media and technical skills.

  • Must Be Prompt and Enthusiastic– Most of the exhibitors at the trade shows keep sitting down behind a table. But the table should be pushed back against the wall of the booth and they should always stand up from their sitting position unless the clients insist on sitting. Remember that your staff must not be caught sitting especially when there are customers or clients in your booth. As employees your staff should know that their company is paying a hefty amount and so they should give their hundred percent and prompt service to the exhibition. They will have plenty of time to rest later.

  • Must Have Strong Communication Skills – When it comes to the trade shows, how your staff communicate is of utmost significance. The communication happens to be the key for achieving success in a trade show. That is why you should always employ staff who have a strong communication skill. A lack of communication skills can pose as a constraint in your path of accomplishing your trade show goals.

  • Must be Persuasive – There is no point bringing your staff to the trade show if they are unable to persuade attendees to try the product out or get them sign up for more info on your brand or make them follow your brand on social media. You should understand what the end goals of your trade show are and bring people who will be able to make those a reality.

  • Must be Assertive and Non-Aggressive – Being assertive is promptly introducing themselves to anyone who walks by and an aggressive person is someone who does not let them leave or have a word edgewise. Your staff should not be aggressive but rather assertive. While extroverts do this effortlessly, the introverts do struggle with it. But it is essential to be assertive to be successful with your trade show. So choose your staff accordingly.

  • Must Have Multi-tasking and Problem-Solving Skills – Multi-tasking is a must for the trade shows as they are super-busy places. So ensure that your team consists of confident people who are able to deal with the fast-paced and busy trade show milieu. If the team members selected by you are not able to multitask at the office, they won’t be able to do anything on the trade show. That is why you should not bring them. Finally, no matter how well-prepared you team is, something or the other is bound to go wrong. And when it does the staff must have the skills for solving the problem and the patience for creating an operative solution so that the show continues uninterrupted.

The above are some of the essential skills that your staff must possess if you want to make your trade show participation a success. Remember that effective staffing seconds to none and just like the ideal booth décor that can be achieved with the right furniture hire, hiring the right people for being the face of your brand at trade shows is also essential to accomplish your trade show goals.

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