5 Do-It-Yourself Techniques to Try on Your Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses at Home

Bridesmaid dresses are the beautiful keepsakes that you never wish to send away. However, when the bride herself picks the dress and does not quite match your style, you will think twice before wearing. It is understandable how hard it can be. Even if the dress color is rose gold, the plan of throwing it out may get harder. After all, rose gold is a shade that has been trending forever. And, for a millennial wedding party or a formal gathering, the rose gold bridesmaid gown can do wonders.

The shade, rose gold, has become a cultural phenomenon. Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or dress color, it is everywhere. In 2016, its craze was expected to die down but 2019 speaks of another story. Due to this massive popularity, your best friend has not been able to shake its craze off. If she had not managed to get as her bridal gown, she imagined other ways to involve it. Since the dress has value to you and your BFF, think of interesting ways. Instead of leaving it in the back of the closet, get all charged up. That’s know how you can reuse the dress again but even in a new and better way.

  1. Customize it Later on

As the bride was in charge of picking out the rose gold bridesmaid dresses, it is normal to get your sizes mixed up. As a result of it, the waist area might have chocked you to death. Or it was too loose. If you are a petite figured lady, the floor-length dress could be bothersome. When you are not habituated with the length, it becomes difficult to move around. Hence, you can fix the waist area or hem it shorter when the wedding is over. A little bit of stitching here and there can completely change the style.

  1. Wear on your Special Day

Is your birthday coming up? Or, it is your beau’s? Why waste hundreds of bucks in a new dress again? When you have just attended your friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid, utilize the opportunity. As you have worn it on an auspicious day in someone’s life, the magic will still linger on. Obviously, it will not cost anything to add the oomph factor.

  1. Get some Straps

Did you get a strapless bridesmaid dress in the rose gold shade? Things might have been trickier during the photo session, right? Hiding behind and pulling the dress up might have got your nerve. If you wish to put it on for an upcoming formal event, you will spend a few long minutes before the closet. Above all, such bare shoulders are often unsuitable for the high profile formal parties. To be on the safe side, simply attach some straps to the outfit.

  1. Make a New Tote

In many cases, the girl crew totally fell in love with the rose gold dresses. After wearing in several occasions, the regular tear might have been in the way. Instead of leaving the gift in the closet forever, make it purposeful for everyday life. Certainly, you use a tote every day. If the rose gold dress has lacework attached to the back, use it in the tote. You may not fit into the dress but you can use its artwork. Moreover, make the bland tote bag interesting with the design.

  1. Dye it Gold or Pink

If your eyes are bored of seeing rose gold everywhere, you can change the dress color completely. The pink or gold dresses are easy to accessorize. Also, the shades are classic shades that will be trending forever.

So, don’t wait up to repurpose old cloth in a new way. However, if your bride is still in search for the perfect bridesmaid dress, give her a hint showing the collection of gold sequin bridesmaid dresses.

Author bio: Linda Cunningham is a popular fashion blogger who finds new ways to flaunt the gold sequin bridesmaid dresses effortlessly. Here, she talks about various ways that you can do with your old rose gold bridesmaid dresses.

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