4 ways to avoid coffee colored teeth

You probably already learned that drinking too much coffee can discolour your teeth. A problem many coffee lovers have to deal with. But do not worry, below are some good tips to avoid this.


1. A sip of coffee, a sip of water

A sip of water after a cup of coffee will help flush away most of the residue. However, if you are just a little bit on top with me and constantly refilling your cup, it is very useful if you always have water with you to continually rinse your mouth.


Myth: The use of a straw prevents the discoloration

The well-known dentist Mark Burhenne explains that even with the use of a straw, the back of your teeth is still affected, which can be even worse. Quite simply: “If you taste coffee, your teeth are exposed.”

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2. Use dental floss daily

The primary cause of discoloration and staining on the edges of the teeth is that most people rarely use floss and can easily grow plaque and limestone between their teeth. This very porous material, keeps the stains and discoloration much better than a tooth itself.


Myth: Brushing your teeth after drinking coffee prevents discoloration

It may be common sense that brushing your teeth after a cup of coffee is the easiest way to avoid discoloration. However, the acid in the coffee softens your enamel. However, brushing your teeth with softened enamel will make them even more porous and more susceptible to staining and discoloration.


3. Avoid whitening strips

The chemical ingredients in these whitening strips also cause your teeth to become more porous, absorb more coffee and cause stains and discoloration.


4. Have your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months

That may seem obvious, but it is important to know why. Not the teeth themselves, but the plaque is colored by the coffee. So if you have coffee stained teeth this just means that you have plaque that the dentist can remove with a professional cleaning.


Put these tips to the test

There is no magic way to immediately remove an existing yellow discoloration. However, daily use of these tips will help to prevent further yellow discoloration and to improve your smile over time.



Our smile is one of the first things you notice when you get to know each other. So it should shine and not show a yellow stitch, otherwise the laughter can go away. tooth whitening does an amazing job and frees your teeth from years of discoloration. We’ll tell you what methods and products there are, because it’s hard to keep track of the large selection.



Tooth whitening shade guide

Teeth can turn yellow for various reasons. Cigarettes, coffee and soft drinks are just some of the reasons why tooth discoloration occurs. In any case, it is important that daily oral hygiene is not neglected. This also includes the use of dental floss. Otherwise the discolorations penetrate deeper and are more difficult to remove afterwards.

Even if you pay attention to your diet and avoid “dark” foods and drinks, your teeth will naturally turn yellow with age.

The fact is, we don’t have naturally white teeth. Bleached and stain-free teeth are immediately unnatural, a slight yellowish tinge is quite normal according to dentists.



Almost all tooth whitening products on the market use one of these two ingredients: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both ingredients have a similar effect when applied to the teeth. The peroxide penetrates gently into the surface of the tooth, the so-called enamel. These coloured and discoloured molecules in the enamel are then broken down by the oxygen bubbles in the peroxide. It is a relatively effective method that has been used with great success for many years.



Toothpaste with lettering “white” on a blue base

There are hundreds of different tooth whitening products on the market. From customized shells that your dentist can make for you, to a DIY tooth whitening kit or tooth whitening gel that is applied directly to your teeth.


The choice of product is entirely up to you and the results you want to see. Some want to rely only on the opinion of their dentist, while others base their decisions on evaluations and product recommendations. When it comes to tooth whitening, you shouldn’t give priority to the cheapest price, but to the most effective product for you. Just because a gel or kit is expensive doesn’t mean it will produce better results than a cheaper product or branded product.


Remember that there is a difference between bleaching and toothpastes. toothpastes for white teeth are so gentle in whitening the teeth that we often do not notice any difference. Most dentists recommend that you start with a bleaching treatment first and then use the toothpaste to whiten to achieve the desired results instead of relying completely on the toothpaste.

Some of the available products include:

  • bleaching strips
  • bleaching splint
  • Bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth with a brush.
  • Blue LED Bleaching Devices
  • bleaching powder
  • Bleaching toothpaste (often to preserve the results of another treatment)
  • Bleaching treatment in practice


On the one hand you can make an appointment with your dentist and decide on a bleaching treatment. For these you will probably have to dig a little deeper into your wallet, because such a treatment can cost up to €700.


On the other hand, you can also choose a product like a kit or gel, which you can use comfortably at home.


A dental treatment is in any case a very fast and relatively effective solution. Most treatments last about an hour. The result brings you about three to five shades brighter teeth. For treatments at home you have to be a little more patient, because the application time can last for weeks until the results are visible.

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