4 Hot Styles in Calgary Wedding Photography to Consider before for the D-Day

As the D-day is knocking on your doors, you are getting edgier. But the frantic scrolling down of Instagram or Pinterest is not the solution. It is up to you how things must turn out. Do you want it to be posed, formal and traditional? Or, do you want to keep the real emotions captured forever? Yes, everything depends on wedding photography and which style you wish to focus on.

Like anything else in the world, wedding photography is divided into categories. Some are too formal and some are too real. In any case, the images live forever to speak out the untold stories. However, modern weddings are not confined to traditional photography now. There are more and the Canadian photographers are simply acing the styles. Go through the following styles and know what is trending in Calgary wedding photography.

Documentary Style is Interesting

Excitement, anticipation, and happiness – a wedding is definitely a dramatic journey of emotions. The whole event deserves to be documented in a different way. Therefore, the group photos look too rigid. The narrative story can only be captured through a photo-journalistic way. This style is new and impressive to every couple. Moreover, the professional photographer’s vision and perspective can surface before everyone’s eyes. Ideally, success lies behind the observation. This can be a lot different from the formal wedding shots.

Illustrative Shots are Quite Impressive

The main focus of the illustrative wedding shoots is on background, lighting, and composition. You may be familiar with the candid shots. The illustrative photography captures beautiful images without asking anyone to pose for them. In this case, the photographer needs to improve their aerial or landscape photography skills. The couple and their families are likely to be more relaxed during the shoot. Generally, they become perplexed and act haphazardly before the camera. However, it is not entirely photo-journalistic style, either. There is a thin line between illustrative photography and photo-journalistic photography. It is as if the traditional photography meets halfway with a photo-journalistic style.

Fine Art for an Extravagant Married

Nuptial between two eternal lovers should never be a hush-hush event. After all, you are finally going to say ‘I Do’. It should be grand, it should be majestic. The simple wedding shoots simply don’t match to theme grandeur. This calls for something extraordinary like fine art photography at the wedding. Then it is all about creative frames, special lightings, and amazing post-production methods. The goal is to produce artistic photos. Here, the use of bouquets, rings, and outfits steal the show. Breaking it in a simpler manner, the photographs make use of these little things to stand out. There are no solid rules to be followed yet luxury and magnificence should exude from every frame.

Formal Portraits for Traditional Style

No matter how you are in love with modern things, you can never rule out the traditional wedding style. It is primarily about formal and posed frames. There is a low chance of turning events to edgy. Also, the photographs use unique angles and dramatic angles. After all, what’s a wedding photographer without grand traditional frames? The formal portraits also consider the couple and their families.

Before imposing any style, you should have a clear discussion with the photographer. And finalize bookings if you are getting in the peak season. So, hurry up and reserve the best photographer in Calgary!

Author bio: Ashley Bushnell is a wedding blogger who offers numerous tips to the newlyweds on a regular basis. Here, she discusses a few wedding styles that are popular in Calgary wedding photography in recent times.

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