Viewing a Scene Through Multiple Perspectives to Solve a Crime – “Vantage Point” Movie Review

In “Vantage Point”, the United States President is in Spain to give a discourse on the Global Summit on Terror when a death endeavor is made on his life. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) is a mystery administration operator on his first task since taking a projectile for the president. Presently, in the repercussions of a death endeavor and a bomb blast, Barnes must attempt to discover answers to who was liable for these activities Barnes first activity in the wake of making sure about the territory and sending his accomplice Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) to look at where the shot originated from, is to search out a man he recalls who had a camcorder at the Summit. At the point when he sees something on the tape that stuns him, the story changes and is told through another “vantage point”. Together, these vantage focuses, including Barnes’ and the cameraman Howard Lewis’ (Forest Whitaker) points of view (just to give some examples), consolidate to recount to the narrative of what truly occurred in those couple of moments.

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The idea of “Vantage Point” is one of a kind, and the manner in which the tales integrate is totally shocking. Little things, as apparently immaterial cooperations between characters, become significant as the watchers see each ensuing viewpoint. Every vantage point gives you enough data to integrate a piece or two of the riddle, yet in addition leaves you with another inquiry to be replied. What’s more, each character isn’t only a dream to what in particular occurred. Rather, we are offered experiences to these characters, causing us to feel associated or detached to each. For instance, you find out about Howard Lewis’ family life back home. Despite the fact that not legitimately critical to the storyline, it makes a superior image of Lewis’ character, and effectively associates the watchers to Lewis.

As the riddle begins to meet up, and as the characters stories interweave, this is the place the issues start in “Vantage Point”. The issues don’t emerge from the entwining of story lines, that is done impeccably, and subsequently, the issues are minor in contrast with the remainder of the story. The principal issue is in the depiction of Barnes later in the film. Barnes plays the job of the activity saint, and is placed into numerous predicament. However, he leaves each with scarcely a scratch in circumstances that may have hurt different characters in a huge manner.

The other issue I saw with the film is in the closure. Without giving a lot of away, a little activity presents a chain response that prompts the film finishing the manner in which it did. I comprehend the message it appears they were attempting to get across by closure it the manner in which they did (my translation, in spite of the fact that I could not be right), that even little occasions can significantly affect the world. Be that as it may, the completion appeared as though the path of least resistance. Right around a “deus ex machina”. Regardless of whether it was to keep away from the customary activity film finishing, or for another explanation all together, the film drove you down one way towards the plausible consummation, and when it got to the closure, totally took an alternate course. Ordinarily, I’d approve of unexpected developments, however for this situation it doesn’t turn the plot as much as simply bend the closure.

Be that as it may, as I stated, these are minor issues. The initial 66% of the film are almost impeccable, and totally special. The last third despite everything plays out all around ok, only not as consummately as the initial 66%. “Vantage Point” keeps you speculating through and through, and each characters uniqueness permits you to need to see a similar scene on different occasions. The character cooperations and little goodies about characters’ experiences really leave the watcher needing to find out more or see the vantage purposes of different characters.

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