Arraial D’Ajuda, a Little Preserved Paradise in the South of Bahia, Brazil

I have been going around Brazil for a long time now. I have seen a great deal of stunning sea shores, delightful lady, saved untamed life and immaculate tropical rainforest, however this beguiling little sea shore town called Arraial d’Ajuda lured me all around! It is situated in the south of Bahia, only beside a little town called Porto Seguro that implies safe harbor in English top hotels porto Arriving is very simple, the city of Porto Seguro has an International air terminal that gets national and global flights. On the off chance that you are pondering of remaining for a couple of days there and look at the sea shores and the city… try not to try and trouble. This little town has not a great deal to offer and the numerous sea shores are loaded up with large boisterous and irritating sea shore bars.

Simply get a transport or taxi from the air terminal that will carry you to the enchanting town of Arraial d’Ajuda. Arriving is now a little experience, including an intersection of a stream by vessel. The ferryboat works 24 hours don’t as well stress on the off chance that you land in Porto Seguro around evening time or promptly toward the beginning of the day. Intersection the waterway called Buranhem just takes around twenty minutes and around 4 kilometers until the focal point of the city that is situated over a little mountain.

I would suggest saving a little run of the mill lodging, called pousada. At the point when I visited a year ago during low season there was no compelling reason to save ahead of time in light of the fact that the town of Arraial d’Ajuda has in excess of a hundred little pousadas so enough to look over. Yet, local people revealed to me that during the high season, that goes from December until late March, the town get’s filled rapidly by Brazilian visitor so better save ahead of time!

The principle fascination of Arraial d’Ajuda are the sea shores, in excess of 18 kilometers of sea shores with parts that are still semi-left. The most famous sea shores for families with little kids are “Praia do MucugĂȘ” and “Praia dos Pescadores”. At low tide the sea shores remain shielded from the waves by the outside reef and loads of small pools show up with hot and clear water. In the event that you like activity and sports than “Praia do Parracho” and “Praia do MucugĂȘ” are the ones you are searching for! Parcel’s of bars with great music and the probability of leasing kayaks, surf and windsurf gear. On the off chance that you like untoutched nature and strolling for miles on immaculate white sea shores then “Praia de Taipe” and “Rio da Barra” are the best alternatives. The last one additionally offers experts to the neighboring town of Trancoso.

Something else that is very interesting to see is the moonrise from the ocean behind the congregation! In the event that you can, attempt to visit Arraial d’Ajuda during seven days of the full moon, only a stunning encounter!

For the rest this town is very lethargic and not a great deal of activities other than unwinding on the sea shore, however that what I came here for in any case!

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